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Be part of the community of future pioneers, where blockchain technology leads the innovative problem-solving of the modern era. Welcome to the SmartsolutionsToken (SST) website!

Smart Solutions Token is a new token developed by Smartmix Ltd. with the aim of supporting smart solutions. SST token is the bridge between technology and users, creating a decentralized community that advances in the spirit of innovation, accountability, and sustainability.

Smart Solutions Token
F1 Prediction World Championship

Join Now and Become the World Champion!

Do you love Formula 1? Then this is your place in the F1 Prediction World Championship, where you can test your knowledge against fans from all over the world!

Why should you join?

Open to Everyone: Just one condition, own 500,000 SST in the wallet you provide at registration.

Point System: Earn 1 point for every correct prediction, 10 points for accurately guessing the pole time, and 2 points for predictions within a tenth of the actual time.

Prediction Categories: Predict the pole time, the fastest lap in the race, the driver who secures pole, the top 10 finishers, whether it will rain, if the safety car will be deployed, and the number of retirements.

Flexible Predictions: You can change your predictions any time before the deadline.

Bonus Points: Invite new players and earn 2 bonus points for each invitee who also meets the SST requirement.

Double Points: Choose the race where you want to double your points, and earn twice as much!

Prizes: After each race, the top 8 predictors receive gift SST, FairToken CAKE, HVI, and VIZSLASWAP tokens.

World Championship Title: At the end of the season, the top three players with the most points win special physical prizes.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity where your knowledge makes you a champion!
Register now, and prove that you are the best F1 predictor!

A Cryptocurrency Creating Value

The SmartsolutionsToken is not just a token. It’s much more. It’s an asset that directly supports its token owners, allowing them to take an active role in the token’s economy and its development.

With our token wallet (SAVINGS), we make it possible to stake incoming fees, the benefits of which are redistributed among the holders. This model encourages the community to actively participate in the system and to benefit from the token’s growth in the long run.

Contract address:


Total supply
1 000 000 000 SST
Liquidity (at start) - 380M SST
Owner wallet - 580M SST
Founder wallet - 8M SST
Members wallet #1 - 2M SST
Members wallet #2 - 2M SST

Fee details

Buy & Sell fee

Pioneering in Blockchain Technology

Smartmix Ltd. aims to combine technological innovation with practical solutions. With the help of the SST token, the company has created a platform that supports intelligent solutions using the benefits of blockchain technology while enabling users to actively participate in the system and profit from the growth.

Join Us Today!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be part of the innovation of the future! Support smart solutions by purchasing SST tokens, and start staking today.

SmartsolutionsToken is a platform for community growth and innovation. Join us, and embark on this exciting journey in the world of blockchain technology and smart solutions!


Skill Set

Smart Solutions
Blockchain technologies
IT & Programming
Graphic designs
Researching what's new


Under the leadership of Zoltán Varga – who founded the popular Be-Va Chip Kft. and the webshop 26 years ago – Smartmix Kft. is a reliable player in the IT solutions market. Our team of IT professionals, system administrators, network experts, programmers, graphic designers, and salespeople work together to provide the best solutions for your business and investors.

Although only 2 years have passed since our foundation, we have already aimed to draw attention to ourselves with numerous activities and products that can make people’s lives easier or even bring them profit. You can learn more about the products and services associated with us through the following links.


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